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Although this website does heavily promote products that you would need to pay for, it does include a useful overview of 'what is a case interview?' and also provides 3 free samples of different types of management consulting case interview questions, (business problems and strategy / marke
Useful advice on preparing a presentation, group exercises, written or e-tray exercises and other selection methods you might need to prepare for in your interview process. A leaflet from The Careers Group, University of London.
The 'prepare for an interview' section of this consultancy firm's website contains useful guides on case interviews, how they are assessed, some free sample case interviews to work through plus a video of a candidate going through the process with recruiter feedback. These examples are not speci
The 'interviewing' section of this company's site includes advice on all stages of the application process, including practice case interview tips.
Information and advice on jobs, internships and applications in management consultancy including advice on preparing for case interviews. Available from your University's Career service, subject to availability.
PrepLounge is a community that connects aspiring consultants around the world for case interview practice. The platform provides candidates with interactive content and coaching programs that significantly increase job-offer rates into consulting.
The 'consultant interview preparation' section of this consultancy firm's website contains a useful overview of the consulting interview process, provides detailed tips on case interviews, gives acces to an 'interactive case library' and provides 'guided practice cases', (video), to help you prepare
The interview preview section of this consultancy firm's website contains a useful overview on the role of the case interview, explains how they are assessed, provides useful tips plus some free sample case simulations to work through. These examples are not specific to Oliver Wyman so will
This consultancy firm's website contains a useful overview on how to approach the case interview, gives some key dos & don'ts and provides an example case simulation to work through. This is not specific to Kearney so will be useful to anyone preparing for a case interview.
Find out what assessment centres involve, how to prepare and how to approach the different activities.